That Can’t Mean Me. Right?

The directions begin with a simple step: “For safety, two people are required for assembly.”

Surely, those directions do not refer to me. I’m a redhead. I can build this by myself. I used to build switches for Sprint Communications for heaven’s sake. How hard can a wall unit book case be? After all it is my book case for my new office that he helped me paint. I know I can do this.


my new book case
“For Safety, two people are required for assembly.”

If Jeff were home to help me assemble this he would know that:

  • I lost the picture of what it looks like finished.
  • I did find the schematic which has a list of all needed parts.
  • I now know that I am missing 56 wood hinge thingies (Jeff says they are dowel rods), 48 bolts, and 36 screws
  •  This book case has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

For safety purposes? I’m thinking it’s best he doesn’t help me.

Ever been there?

Edited at 9 pm – Jeff is laughing at this.  He promises to help me finish it on Wed – isn’t he sweet? So, I guess the directions were right – it really does need two people for assembly. I am so happy to be married to a man with a sense of humor.

He’s just happy that I’m building something this time, instead of ripping something out. I tend to start projects that way.. pick at things until is HAS to be replaced.

—————— Edited on April 15, 2009

My wonderful husband, Jeff, went to the hardware store this weekend and bought the missing screws. Wasn’t that sweet? He then spent Easter evening putting my new book case together and hanging some pictures for me in my new office.

Here is the finished project.


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