A Few of my Favorite Things

I promise you, I have no intention of grabbing a guitar, jumping on my bed and singing about raindrops or kittens ala Julie Andrews today. There is enough violence in the world without my tuneless singing.. I do however want to share with you some of my newly discovered favorite places to be or people to listen to. In no particular Order.

1. Tulsa Garden Center – the place to hang out with your family or learn about what grows in Oklahoma.

2. Blotanical – the web page where all the garden bloggers bloom.

3. Creating Culture – Randy Elrod. I just met Randy last month in Nashville. He has the most amazing blog – huge following too. You need to check him out.

4. Michele Cushatt – another blogger I met in Nashville. What an amazing heart.

5. Michael Hyatt-  Publishing CEO, Michael Hyatt shares all kinds of great stuff on writing, publishing and twittering on his blog. Check him out, I have. What a gift to writers to have this resource. I’m thrilled he is doing this.

6. How to Handle Criticism by Steve Erry – great post

7. Camp Lutherhoma– right here in Tahlequah Oklahoma. This camp is run by John and Joan Busch, Kristy Haines,  and a bunch of other staffers – my kids have gone there for years. They are growing and changing by the day. Your kids will have a blast, learn about Jesus and be loved through and through. They will come back changed. Mine always do.

8. CJ Rapp– Blog tour coming soon. CJ is president and CEO of Unfading Beauty Ministries. I’m presently reading her newest book, “I AM says You Are…” It is a 30 day devotional that speaks God’s truth to the very heart of women. I’m a 43 year old Bible Teacher – and this book speaks over me in ways that made me cry. In a good way of course. Great read.

9. This Ain’t Prettyville– Chonda Pierce. Maybe you guys all know who she is, but I honestly had never seen her until five years ago at a Women of Faith conference. I’ve since had the privledge to work with her, behind the scenes, as one of her Turbos. Turbos are women (and men) who work hard, love well, help promote the show and coordinate volunteers. Her story rips my lungs out. Her life, speaks of hope, forgiveness, love, and an amazing God. She is also hilarious to boot.

10. Don’t Give In, God Wants you to Win. – Thelma Wells. Another amazing woman of faith, with a story that blows me a way, and a mothering spirit I had no idea I craved, until I met her. She has a conference coming up in May. You will not want to miss this.

So there you have it. My favorite top ten right now.

I’m going to the dentist tomorrow for a root canal. I’m thinking after that, I just may post my ten least favorite places to be. 😉 Starting with that one.

Before then though – would you please share with me one of your favorite places or people?


5 thoughts on “A Few of my Favorite Things

  1. What a great list … helps me to get to know you even better, Deana! By the way, I read Steve Erry’s “How To Handle Criticism” post earlier today. Excellent!


  2. I’m glad you got to go to those Phyllis. I miss Lisa an Zeal’s retreats. They did a bunch for Trinity. Lutherhoma is amazing. And they are building a brand new retreat center. I can’t wait.


  3. John, at Lutherhoma, is one of my favorite people in the world! Lisa, Velma, and I (and several other women) went there for some women’s retreats. Some life changing experiences there!


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