2 thoughts on “Why Do I Hope? – Easter

  1. Great song Michele – I am right there with you. Is that a girl thing, or a human thing? I’m not sure. Either way, I keep wanting to help God along. I’m in good company – well, I’m in company with Sarai, Rebecca, and a few other OT gals.

    I seem to recall Moses said the same thing when God threatened to make them go on their own. I will not leave this place until you promise to go before me. – paraphrased. Smart man Moses.


  2. Tonight it was an “old” song by Avalon … “I Don’t Want to Go”

    I have this nasty little habit of going off on my own, and then wondering where God went. Tonight I heard this, and said with my whole heart … I don’t want to go anywhere except where He is.


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