Filling Eggs and Filling Hearts at Ablaze

Snow, in April! In Oklahoma. How can we have snow? It’s already Spring. It can’t snow in the Spring. But, snow it did. A winter storm hit Tulsa last weekend and we had to cancel church services. Talk about being disappointed.  We had a pot luck planned, and people were coming from all around town to help us stuff Easter eggs. 15,000 Easter Eggs to be exact. And now, it was cancelled. Our team did not know what we were going to do.

We thought for sure we\’d never get enough people together to stuff 15,000 eggs by April 11. A handfull of helpers did manage to meet and stuff 2,000 of the eggs last week. But what were we going to do this week?

I mean this is a lot of eggs.


And Jenn had a lot of candy to put in them.


We thought if we told people there would be food, they would come.


And we were right.


our-helpersThank you Jen and Errick for coordinating this event. You\’re hard work will be blessed by God. Thank you as well to the members of Ablaze, Lord of Life, and Our Savior Lutheran Churches for coming out on Saturday night to worship with us and to serve by our side.

See you Saturday, April 11 – Liberty Elementary School in Broken Arrow, at 1:00 pm.

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