The Queen of Whine

“Acceptance is not submission to a degrading situation; rather is it acknowledging reality and deciding what to do about it.” – One Day at a Time, AFG

I can be whiney.

Insert the hushed whisper by those who know me well here. “Whiney? You? No! Really?”

It’s true. I whine.

I ask why. A lot. Granted I do have the voice of reason (or schizophrenia, whichever) to quickly follow with either a snarky remark or wisdom.

Why did the laundry hose spray all over the laundry room today? At least the room smells Springtime fresh now. Not helping!

Why did the computer break right before Christmas? (Don’t feel too sorry for me, I do still have my laptop.)

Why can’t I be thin? (uhm.. maybe it’s the food you put in your mouth when you stuff your feelings?)

Why can’t people behave the way I want them to? — okay I really do wish they would here, but now do you always behave the way people wish you would? – Oh shut up.

Why didn’t anyone read my life script? – Because everyone has their own script to follow. But they are ad-libbing! I’m an introvert, I need my script. I can’t plan my brilliant responses if they ad lib! – Silence

Why doesn’t he ever pick ME?- Because he isn’t going to. Instead of getting your feelings hurt every year, face reality and move on. Do not try to control the situation by constantly reminding him how much you really want to do this — obviously he does not believe you are the right person for the job. It’s not personal, and even it if is, you can’t do anything about that.

Whaa whaa whaaa

Reality of life is simply this — like it or not we have absolutely no power of people, places, or things. The only power we have in choosing how to respond.

Rather than focus on what I cannot control today, equipment failures, dishonest and manipulative people, and rejection (I really hate that one), I can focus getting exercise and eating well, and celebrating the fact that our riding club (Stay in the Saddle) is going to be in the Christmas Parade.

I’m not being Pollyanna. I’m just choosing happiness.

What about you? Are you going to spend this day focusing on the things you cannot control? Or are you going to spend it focusing on the things you can control – yourself.

I hope you go out there and have a wonderful and happy day. And don’t forget to laugh.






4 thoughts on “The Queen of Whine

  1. Anne Lamott is totally right on that one. I have a feeling you and I are…probably a lot alike. I’m so glad I met you on this blog.

    I’m even skipping an event where the temptation to ‘say exactly what I think’ may prove too much…too much pressure at this time of the year.

    I don’t forgive easily either. But I do forgive. I’m so glad to know ‘someone else’ out there loves Jesus, wants to serve Him – and deals with all this nonsense, too.

    Thank you, Deana. Keep writin’ this stuff. And thank you for visiting my blog. My eating is out of control these last few days. Oh well, we back it up, ask God’s help and grace and we make a run for it again. And again.


  2. 4 words: Quit Reading My Diary.

    I almost made a big stupid decision this weekend because I’m a big ol’ whiner.

    An only daughter AND a youngest child, I am used to having my way and Being Very Important.

    And then God sent something interesting AIMED RIGHT AT ME AND MY STUPID ALMOST-DECISION today in my email.

    And now this. Honestly, Deana, if you don’t stop being such a convicting channel of the Holy Spirit…I just don’t know what I’ll do other than listen to God, listen to Him/Her straighten me up and straighten me out, and allow the Holy Spirit to make me fly right…

    You’re a gift. Keep at it.



    • Wow. Thank you for your kind words. God works in mysterious ways. I feel the same way when reading other blogs. I’m an only child. We don’t necessarily play well with others, share, or forgive easily. 😉 and I too like being very important. That gets me in trouble a lot. Anne Lamott says in “Grace Eventually” that there is no such thing as a good idea after 10 pm. I’ve learned she is right.


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