Finding My Story for 2010

I was going to post a blog today about my new resolutions, until I read Donald Miller’s Post on Living a Good Story. (You have got to read it, seriously. Awesome piece) No one is asking me to endorse it, I just happened to catch the link on Twitter today and thought WOW, this is so it! And that post is why I am changing how I look at both 2009 and 2010.

“When you do tell your story, don’t sound like the victim. If you do, you’ll sound like you’re whining. Just be truthful in telling your story and aim to discover that slice of humanity that others can relate to.”  David Pierce, to me last summer, author of “Don’t Let Me Go.”

Stories can capture the soul or bore you stupid, kind of like my blog some days.   I’m going through midlife puberty and my voice is changing. Some days I nail it, mostly I squeak. My “mom” days are coming to a close. It’s a scary season for me. I’m still needed, but not in the same way.

I do find it interesting , that my top two blog entries in 2009 were on Letting Go and Understanding our Identity in Christ, By: Cj Rapp. Both received hundreds of hits a piece and they were the most commonly searched topics.

I did not begin 2009 with a story in mind and yet looking back, those two pieces nail it. Letting Go of what holds me back and finding my identity in Christ is the story of 2009 at least for me.  Christ loves me, not because of what I do or don’t do, but because I breath in and out.  I can’t do a single thing to make Him love me less, or love me more than he does right now. WOW. 

That was God’s gift to me last year.  That knowing that I wanted so desperately in January. Remember my verse for the year? – Ephesians 3:17-19. “I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge – that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.”

I “get” it today.

 My goals for 2009 were pretty vague – memorize 24 scripture verses, survive graduation and my son leaving for college, lose 60 lbs (didn’t happen) — I was also going to quit smoking, but I copped a resentment last summer and well, that didn’t happen either. — And yes, I am self destructive when I’m feeling resentful. Even so, stopping smoking is a requirement for the story I want to live in 2010.


I’m back at square one today. I’m throwing away my resoltions and I’m looking for the story of 2010. What story do I want to live? I’m not sure yet. That will take some thought.

I’m going to take the advice from a teacher again- my story for 2010won’t involve being a victim, no whining might take some work, and it will be truthful. Truthful to God, to my family, and to myself.

How about you? What story do you want to live in 2010? I’d love to hear from you.

EDITED TO ADD:  _– a neurotic note to say  How quickly I forget,  — Donald Miller wrote Blue Like Jazz, one of my favorite books of all time – no wonder his piece on stories not resolutions spoke to me so well. 

Read this guy.. I’m glad I found him again.. I feel a bookstore afternoon coming up.

6 thoughts on “Finding My Story for 2010

  1. I’m glad you’ve posted good opinions and accurate info, this was a good read. I, too have a ton of info at my Haiti informational site focusing on the current Quake and it’s aftermaths. There’s also a ton of media and donation links from trusted groups like GlobalGiving and The Red Cross there. Check out this Haiti Tragedy info site I put together too: HaitiTragedy dot info. I love your blog and keep on spreading the word about the Haiti Tragedy to help save lives. Check out the auction url in posted with this comment.


  2. Kathy — I just returned from a trip and need some time to process your comments, but first I want to thank you for everything you shared and I want you to know that I am indeed praying for you tonight. This is a scary time, I’m sure. and Yes, Christ did indeed save you and continues to take care of you.

    Until tomorrow, you are loved, and covered by Christ’s blood and my prayers are with you. Deana


  3. Hi! found you in a google search for ‘letting go and letting God’… everything I’ve read so far has been uplifting and positive… I am in dire need of the same. On Dec 21st found out I had breast cancer through an MRI of my back… after much testing, this past Thursday I jumped from a stage II breast cancer pt to a stage IV breast cancer pt with mets to the bone (spine)… I am a nurse, working with less than 1 year to go on my Nurse Practitioner’s Degree – the knowledge helps me, but has also hindered me… I know of many recent and past positive outcomes but I also know of the statistics at this stage… I am trying very hard to be positive and am doing better…. but waves of fear overtake me at times…. I am a Christian… a back-slidden one, but I know Christ died and saved me from my sins and He will take care of me… but keeping the fear at bay and my gut from wrenching is difficult when the waves hit. I know God did not give me this spirit of fear… and I need to work against satan – so I ask that you send up prayers for my story… a story where I am not in control or in charge (5 brothers, I’m the only girl – ALWAYS took care of everything for everyone in all aspects of my life) but where God is leading me – where I can hear Him when He speaks and follow His plan for me and my family. I just feel there is so much more work I can do… I don’t think God is finished with me yet… I know it’s not “let’s make a deal” and I’m all better… but I want to be calmer and more at ease and more positive… I am POSITIVE I cannot handle this on my own… so I need to turn it over to God… I want to be positive in my gut… in my soul… I need that assurance…

    thanks for providing this space for comments… although this is actually a request and a vehicle for my thoughts… it’s appreciated.


  4. Thanks you guys… The story concept is something I hear a lot. Don’s article articulates the how in a way that I hadn’t ever thought of. If you haven’t read the link, I recommend you read it. Jeff translates this into Corporate lingo, but still get’s the bigger picture..

    I’m always looking for the story. David Pierce’s quote was advice he gave me over the summer (He’s a college Proff — and wrote the first father/daughter book I’ve ever read in my life and I loved it.) It’s good advice to follow.


  5. What a way to begin a new year. Not looking at the “I wants” but at the “What does God want” attitude. God will reveal your story to you, as he will mine to me. Bless you for such a thought provoking post.


  6. Absolutely awesome post. I thank God for your authentic, pulsating, and passionate heart. “Story” is so much better and fits exactly into what God started! Love you dearly.


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