Robert Downey Jr is a Class Act All the Way Around and I’m a Puddle of Tears

I’ll be honest, when my friend shared this video (via his blog – Save a Cactus Hugger) with me last week, I sat down and cried.

I didn’t cry because I’m such a fan of these two men. I am (and you my readers know that, probably ad nauseum I’m sure.) but that’s not the point. I think this video shows courage, and great humility. Robert Downey Jr has proven himself to be a class act all the way around.

I’m not sure why it made me cry really. My reaction was so strong emotionally that I’m forced to look at it and find out. Yeah me, another Fantastic Growth Opportunity. (AFGO as my friend calls it) – I know that I’ve had many periods in my life where I’ve been overcome with a severe case of dumb-butt and have needed to face that in myself. And while I’ve been blacklisted for serious infractions like admitting I’m a more of a Ben and Jerry’s Fan than a Dairy Queen Gal, I have fortunately been spared the limelight of these two men’s lives.

Not that I haven’t necessarily done worse.

I just never got caught. Or if I did, it never made the nightly news or cover of People Magazine.

Maybe I cried because I’m one of those women who loves alcoholics to death — literally sometimes. (To point, if our eyes meet across a crowded room and my heart starts doing 280, chances are pretty good they either have a flask in their pocket or a criminal record. Which is in all honesty how I landed up in a 12 step room to begin with. I was raised to believe that I am personally responsible for other people’s bologna and it took a few years to let go of that responsibility, one clutched controlling finger at a time.)

Maybe I cried out of self pity? I have several alcoholics in my life who have yet to accomplish (on a personal level) what I witnessed here.

Maybe I cried because I know so many who left the room before reaching this place of hope and real forgiveness.

Or maybe I cried because I’ve been around 12 step rooms for so long and I honesty wish church were more like this and it isn’t always.

No matter, I love the video and believe that Robert’s actions show great class, love, and humility – not to mention courage and so do Mel’s. These men are a great example of true friendship — we should all be so blessed.

24 Years Ago Today

Our Engagement Photo from 1990, Looks straight out of John Hughes Casting, doesn't it?
Our Engagement Photo from 1990, Looks straight out of John Hughes Casting, doesn’t it?

I used to be a computer technician in Chicago back in the 80’s. One day I got a trouble ticket for a computer in customer service. Seems some guy had seen me on the floor and spilled coke in his keyboard so that he could meet me. ( I don’t blame him really, I mean I was a babe. 😉 ) I took it downstairs and replaced it with another keyboard with a faulty space bar, because well, I thought he was kinda cute. I tortured that man for two months before agreeing to go out with him. Every week he’d ask me out, every week I’d say no. He finally tells me that he plays bass guitar in a band (yep, he played the guitar card.) and I agreed to ONE date. We went out for pizza and then a comedy club on December 3, 1988. I’ve been his ever since. 24 years later, a move across country, two wonderful boys (now grown men) and I still wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you babe!