Facebook and LinkedIN and Twitter, oh my

When I first opened my Facebook account back in whenever it was,2006 or 2007 maybe, it was just to keep track of my kids activities. Soon after that our church friends started joining, then my comic friends, family, highschool, college, and pets. I have so many groups and subgroups, events and book clubs on my account today that I cannot keep track. All this social media is a little overwhelming sometimes. I know I have too many friends when someone can delete me and I cannot figure out who it is. Facebook is my address book of people I’ve met over time and I think I really should have a plan B here because if Facebook suddenly went away, I’d be toast. It’s my glass house menagerie of  acquaintances, family, and friends all mashed into one giant fish bowl and the world feels very very small sometimes.

I’ve noticed a lot of my working friends are establishing two accounts. One for public consumption (fan pages) and one for private use. I’m beginning to like that idea – a lot. but that begets the question of who gets to be public and who gets to be private. I’m too neurotic to decide and so we swim in the same bowl.

For some, Facebook is just composed of their inner circle of friends and I think that’s great. It’s a safe place on the net. There are some pages I don’t need to be on because I’m not in their inner circle — I’m learning it’s okay to step back and give them their pages back —

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my own page yet. I do need to split it out somehow, I’m just not sure how yet.

For those of you  who have Facebook, how do you handle that? Is it private? do you have business contacts separate from friends and family or something else? I’d love to know.

2 thoughts on “Facebook and LinkedIN and Twitter, oh my

  1. I actually know everyone on my account in some fashion or another, be it family, writer friends, comics, or high school and church. I use it more as a rolodex now than anything else. I’m just thinking about whether or not I should create a separate account from just my family now that it’s grown so much.


  2. You ask an interesting question. I only have the one group and although I am “friends” with a couple of business folk, I don’t have them separated. I will say this….I only befriend those I know and trust. I have rejected numerous invites from people I have never heard of.


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