REPOST: Redeem The Days of Silence

I am taking a short vacation from blogging to spend holiday time with my family. In the meantime, I have set up a few of my more popular posts for you to read. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Redeeming the hour

Of words unspoken

Gospels denied

Deeds undone and

Needs overlooked

Would take a life time of wishes.

If one was a simple soul that is.

Confessions made

To cold hearted clerics

Who hold the words of absolution

Our medicine


Our lifeblood

In the palm of their hands

And choose to say nothing

Rip the very fabric of our being;

And cause us to question the heart of God himself.

And yet a stronger soul

Emerges from the ashes of wasted words

And needless silence.

Like the phoenix

We rise

And are reborn.

Carrying with us

A heart for the unredeemed hours

Of our lives.

We see the hearts

Of the lost and the hurting.

We speak the truths

That were once denied us

To others whose needs are no more

Or no less than our own.

In place of the devils behind

Who left their teeth in our hide

We become the god with skin on

For those who need his touch.

We listen

We pray

We touch

We feel

And we tell you the only truth

You need to hear.

God sings over you

Your sins are forgiven

Rest in that knowledge

And forgive those whose own scars

Rendered them silent on your behalf.

You are more than a simple soul

Living on wishes and lies of others.

You are a phoenix

More valuable than silver or gold.

Bought at a price

Redeem the day.

4 thoughts on “REPOST: Redeem The Days of Silence

  1. Very well written Deana..

    Close to Life and reality.. The details you have put here are exactly ow they are. Only they are never spoken!
    Live the day as if the last.. 🙂

    Love xxx


  2. Hello, how are you?

    Hope that you have had a festive week so far. Happy Belated Thanksgiving if you celebrate.

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