Too Cute For Halloween

When we celebrated Halloween back home in Detroit and Chicago the rule was the scarier the better. Then we moved to Oklahoma. You’re pretty much considered a Satan worshipper if you dare celebrate down here. And if you do – the unwritten code is please keep it “friendly.”

My 18-year-old and I had to find a middle ground. I did friendly, he wanted gruesome.  Thought I’d share some of the shots with you.

This freaked out both of my grown sons and died under mysterious circumstances. They tell me the motor went out, but I'm thinking he was murdered.
To make up for Mr Scary-Blow-Up-Ghost's untimely demise, D-man decorated the front garden, complete with a fog machine for effect.
I know -- too cute for Halloween, right?
Even my ghosts aren't all that scary -- but they are cute!
Can't forget my scarecrows.
Then there's Fred, my "indoor/outdoor" decoration. NOT. His innards are missing. The rain disintegrated them. But at least his eyes still light up and change color.


We live on a dead end street with very few houses actually celebrating Halloween. I don’t get many trick or treaters. But I do love to decorate. Some of my friends celebrate today as the Day of Dead which is fun as well. Other’s ignore today. How do you celebrate All Hallows Eve at your house? I’d love to hear about it.

One thought on “Too Cute For Halloween

  1. Our neighborhood loves to celebrate Halloween! They even recreate a haunted house on one street! And at the end of night they have a fire works to signify the end of trick or treating! It’s lots of fun!


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