7 thoughts on “Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus

    • Now – you know me. I love high liturgy and I’m creedal to a fault — I hate it when pastors re-write the creeds in order for people to better understand them. I can do praise services once in a while but prefer liturgy. Milk drives me crazy. Give me Greek and Hebrew. Is this a present active participle or past pronoun. you know? Having said that, I still like the kids message. I had not noticed that tag until you mentioned it. Ad or sponsored? I’m not sure I’d go so far as to put the word “ad” with this. Whether the kid produced this himself or not shouldn’t matter really. so what if he endorses this watch company. I think the whole “who paid for the video” is adiophoric myself.He has his own web page a rather decent message – if you look beyond the simplicity argued in this poem, it’s milk in large sense – very true – , which even St Peter said – nourishes for a time. Sometimes even the learned and experienced need to come back to the basics – The Apostles Creed — . God will use him to draw near whome he chooses to draw near. Don’t let the “more info” thing discount it. God uses the foolish to confound the wise. This kid’s simplicity may appear foolish to us, but I need to be careful to not allow myself to become so wise I forget where I came from. You know never know who He’ll touch or what he’ll use.


  1. Finious, Thank you for commenting. I’m afraid I don’t quite follow your train of thought. I’m genuinely curious as to what you mean. Would you be willing to expound on your last two sentences? Thanks again.


  2. I think what he means by this, is that Christians don’t have to worry about getting into God’s good graces because Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for them and released them from that duty. As he says in the video “Because when Jesus said IT IS FINISHED,Romans 8:2 – He died for our(christian) sins. Just believe that he died for sins and they are saved. That is nothing less then organized-atheism.


  3. I will add, I don’t agree with every point he makes. However, this does what good poetry is supposed to do. It makes us think, it makes us feel and it makes us think some more.


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