Am I Jaded or Compassionate? I’m Not Always Sure

I’m sorry, but the post you are looking for is no longer here.  Please note that I write most of my posts 1 – 2 weeks in advance and schedule them for future publication. While this particular post dealt with my own eating issues and abuse of over the counter diet pills, as well as revelations I’ve received from my present Bible Study, I’m afraid that it published on the cusp of another very important announcement. The two have nothing to do with eachother, but out of respect for a friend and a family grieving, I’m taking my post down.

Please pray for those you mentor as well as those who mentor others. I’ve heard it said that the minute we step into public ministry, Satan points a loaded gun at the backs of our heads. That is so true. May God fill you to overflowing with his Grace, his Mercy and His Peace.

Thank you for reading my blog.



3 thoughts on “Am I Jaded or Compassionate? I’m Not Always Sure

  1. I agree about the friendships that had been formed through the most unlikely places…I think it is somewhat funny that we all work so hard to look great and act like we have “all that” to people who are just like us…if their house catches fire while they are in the shower, they would grab a towel just like we would. Yet we forget about the one who sees all and knows all. As I get older, I feel that others’ opinions don’t phase me nearly as much as they did years ago. I speak my mind in ways that make others think about stuff a little deeper, and if they don’t like what I say????? tough. I it think the youngsters call it senility, and that’s great! If being senile means being happy in yourself, let’s go for it!


  2. I love it! And I love our friendship. That’s what has been so cool about becoming a turbo, joinining CCA, and even this bible study. I like being surrounded by so many honest Christians who openly admit we don’t have it all together. This bible study I’ve been working through has been awesome. I’m talking with so many women who are struggling, just like me – who did all this crazy stuff in secret and yet here we are talking about yeah, I did that too and I don’t feel alone. It’s been eye opening.

    Even in CCA, those that I’m close too still struggle with every day problems, life and sin and talk about it openly. It’s been a life changing couple of years.

    Love you!


  3. “There’s no such thing as perfect people”. I stress to my firends, family and especially to new Christians that I fall down just like everyone else. The biggest difference between me and and unbeliever is, I have God’s hand reaching down to help me stand again. As long as we keep trying to wear the mask of perfection, we are literally giving the name of Christ a black eye because no matter how much we try, SOMEONE sees us snap at our kids, yell at that driver hwo just cut us off, become indignant with a clerk for not being able to find a certain product, sneak that second piece of strawberry cheesecake…and whatever else we do when we think nobody is looking. In regards to being “thin”, I agree that this obsession can definitely be an idol to many. If you have to focus on calories, or fat/sugar content, and serving size at every meal, you are not enjoying life. Did you know that laughter is exercise? it burns calories faster than a medial walk! I am not an elegant person. I don’t go for the jewelled up, chiselled look. I am me. I am fluffy. I am loved. I am happy….usually stressed, but happy. Take off the mask and bring on the ice cream!


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