Ablaze Church Updates July 20, 2009

zions fire block party june 2009I know it has been a while since I’ve posted any updates on our mission start being sponsored by the Lutheran Church of Our Savior. It is not that we haven’t been doing anything, it’s that we’ve been doing so much that I have not been able to post.

I love the looks I get when I tell people that the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is trying to plant 2,000 new churches. They always seem astonished at first and then genuinly interested. Yes, LUTHERANS planting churches, is that cool or what?

Our team has really jelled into a bit of a working rhythm. We have a couple who have dedicated themselves to our youth, taking them places, teaching Bible Study and just being there for them. They have become wonderful hands and feet to these kids. They are truly Christ with skin on. Because of the generosity of our home congregation, I am happy to report that we are able to send 10 kids to Camp Lutherhoma this summer. None of these children have ever been to church camp before, and this has been an exciting adventure. Erick and Jen also picked these kids up and drove them to Vacation Bible School this summer at Our Savior.

Our Web Page is finally up and operational thanks to our drummer and technical guru. You can check it out to see what all we are up to.

We have wonderful events coming up in August. Tony Mac, convicted drug dealer and murderer turned Christian and Evangelist will be visiting and sharing his testimony with us on August 1. You don’t want to miss that.

On August 5, our families are invited out to Cactus Bar Ranch for a time of fellowship and horsemanship.

August 15 we are having our second annual Stokin up the Community festival with live music, inflatables, facepainting and even some comedy via yours truly and my friend Michele Van Dusen. It is going to be an awesome afternoon of fun, fellowship and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our numbers are growing strong and we can always use prayer – for the families that come and for those God is still calling. We have outgrown our present facility and are in great need of a permanent home. I know that God has a place in mind for us, so please pray that it becomes available soon and we are able to move in.

Thank you for checking in on us. Until next week.


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